Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Shoes’ List of Some More Stuff that Happened Recently When I Was Not at Work

I got an email from a company that wanted to advertise on my blog. They wanted me to plug their product by casually mentioning it in one of my posts. Now, this would be fine if the product in question was something like potato chips or internet shopping or ham. But the product this company wanted me to help them sell was: offshore banking. I don’t know how much attention you’ve been paying to this blog, but you may have noticed that (a) I’ve never written about offshore banking; (b) the closest I ever got to writing about banking of any kind was when someone stole my credit card to buy TV in England; and (c) “offshore banking” is probably not the first thought that pops into anyone’s head when they read this blog (sadly). Anyway, I told the nice lady that I was more than happy to make a joke about offshore banking, but it seems this wasn’t the approach they were going for.

I became super best friends with Mary, personal assistant to Jenny Lawson of TheBloggess.com and Let’s-Pretend-This-Never-Happened fame. Mary liked me instantly and now me and The Shoes are going to be on Jenny’s blog, which is the most exciting thing that has happened to me since I got my braces off. MORE TO COME!  

Some of you may remember that I take singing lessons. Now my singing teacher has decided to organize a concert featuring her students, and I have agreed to participate, as in sing on a stage in front of a bunch of strangers[1]. Luckily this concert will be happening in a bar, which will make for a nice change from the last concert I was in when I was twelve and singing about Santa in my school auditorium. I’ve decided I’m going to drop by the venue the day before the concert and pre-order my gin and tonics.  

I did a wicked interview for the people over at ExpatsBlog. It’s all about how glamorous my life is here in the Netherlands. It’ll go live on 26 November so please check back, and if you didn’t already do so, leave a kind word for me in the comments section of my ExpatsBlog listing so I can win a great prize and become rich and famous and won’t need to humiliate myself by singing in front of strangers in some seedy bar.   

I received a chain cake. I didn’t know they existed. It’s like a chain letter only it’s cake. You get it from a friend, let it grow in your kitchen for a few days, cook part of it, and pass the rest on. Right now my chain cake looks like this: 

My fermenting friendship chain cake. Yum.

There was some other stuff that happened while I was not at work but I’m not allowed to tell you about that because my husband says it’s more important to have friends than to be funny.

[1] And maybe also my new best friend Mary. And maybe also Jenny. Dear Mary and Jenny, will you please come to my concert? Thanks. Hugs, Me & The Shoes.