Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I always miss all the fun

For those of you who were not convinced by my last post, in which I (and Anna 49) made a good effort to debunk the myth that the Netherlands is a boring country, I present to you today yet further evidence of the rip roarin' time the Dutch like to have when they think no one's looking.

Some context: during a round-trip car journey to my husbands' parents' house in Drenthe this past weekend I began to notice that an awful lot of people had elected to spend at least part of their weekend standing around on motorway overpasses watching the traffic below.

At first I thought maybe I was seeing a selection of desperate Dutch folks who had, coincidentally, all reached the end of their respective ropes during the same sunny weekend in June. But then I saw this couple above (circled in red in case you missed them with all the bug splatter on the windshield), and was convinced that The Overpass People (as I fondly like to think of them) were not would-be jumpers but perfectly well-balanced Dutch citizens enjoying a spot of weekend car watching. (The clincher was the guy in on the right, who, if you look closely you will notice is wearing canary yellow shorts. I figure no one chooses yellow shorts as their last fashion statement, if given a choice).

Anyway, once I was sure I wasn't about to be witness to anything that would lead to permanent PTSD I could relax a little and take a few pictures to show you, fine reader, what a helluva time I missed by being in the car instead of on the overpass watching the car go by. I always miss all the fun.


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  1. OMG, the Germans do this too! I find it very strange but when the weather gets nice you can see them hanging out over the Autobahn watching cars.

    I never get a picture since I'm always driving and fooling with my camera while going over 120 isn't safe...

  2. Well then I'm really glad I snapped this one, Wiffy. We can't have you going off the road in an attempt to capture the bizarre behaviour of the Germans. Who knew this was a Northern European trend? I wonder if the Belgians do it . . .