Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And an udder thing

When I first found out I was going to be moving to the Netherlands, my boss at my former job in England -- let's call him Bossy McColeslaw -- laughed (and not in a "laughing with me" kind of way I might add) and actually said (rather than just thought to himself like most socially well-adjusted people might have done) "You come from one of the most boring countries in the world. And now, you're moving to one of the other most boring countries in the world. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Then he went back to stabbing his baked potato with his fork.

Did I mention that the above exchange took place in England? Have you seen Gardener's World?

Anyway, this post is just to let Bossy McColeslaw know that his comment was blatantly unfair and is wholly unsubstantiated by the facts. With regard to the suggestion that Canada is boring: Duh. Clearly untrue cuz I come from there. So it's not been boring since at least the late seventies.

But McColeslaw's insinuation that the Netherlands is boring is also totally unfounded. Indeed, just this morning the national news included a very exciting item on the Netherland's oldest milk-producing cow. Here's she is, "Anna 49," surrounded by gift-bearing well-wishers and wearing a crown of flowers (handy because edible) to mark the auspicious occassion of her twentieth birthday:

Still from a video on

Now yes, I have noticed that Anna 49 looks a little perturbed. Maybe it's because someone has put cow food on her head. Maybe it's because that statue totally makes her look fat. Maybe she had planned a quiet birthday and now she finds herself stuck at a surprise barn party she never wanted with a bunch of two-legged meat-eaters. Hard to say, really. All I know is when I look at Anna's subtly threatening expression I like to think she's saying "Look here McColeslaw, some pretty frickin' awesome stuff is happening here today and guess who's missing it? YOU are. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA."


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  1. I am Dutch and I am so glad you're proving to the world that the Netherlands is not a boring country! I'm trying my bit too, here and there, and you might find this of interest:

    Feel free to pass it on.

    Groetjes from Moldova(yes, that is a country).

  2. Hi Miss Footloose! Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the link to your blog!