Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Liebster

So it seems the verbal mixed salad that is The Wooden Shoe Diaries is award-winning mixed salad. Wiffy over at Nine and Ninety Nine has bestowed a Liebster Blog Award upon me! "Hooray!" I hear you all cheer as ticker tape flies in all directions around my url. 

Let me say just how darned excited I am about it. My first ever award, and I don't even have to wear an evening gown and make a speech where I thank a bunch of people no one has ever heard of before squeezing out some fake tears. Thanks a bunch Wiffy!

Now, you may be wondering just what the heck the Liebster Blog Award is. Some research has revealed that the Liebster is like lint: no one knows where it comes from but it seems to be everywhere. Loads of bloggers like me have been given the award by fellow bloggers, making it one of the blogosphere's warmest-and-fuzziest awards ever. What was that sickly sweet movie with Kevin Spacey where you had to do nice things for a bunch of people whenever one person did a nice thing for you? Well, the Liebsters are a bit like that, because, once you've been awarded a Liebster, you then have to promise to share the love by nominating five more blogs that you think deserve this internet version of a standing ovation.

So I guess to sum up, the Liebster Award is linty blogsophere love.

Here's what you have to do if you accept a Liebster nomination:

1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back (thanks Wiffy!)

2. Nominate five blogs with fewer than 200 followers - This I find tricky. It's not always possible to know how many followers a blog has, so I hope my five nominees (below) will not be offended if I've nominated them and they have a gazillion followers

3. Let the nominees know by leaving a comment at their sites

4. Add the award image to your site

Anyhoo, I had no trouble thinking of five blogs I wanted to nominate. Here are my top picks:

  • amy in .nl - a Midwestern-American type living and blogging in the Netherlands. Love the design of the site, and amy in .nl's witty tweets always amuse
  • company of clever -  Elz is another American, Amsterdam-based blogger. Her posts are always fresh and funny
  • 24 Oranges - a recent post on this blog called 'Hi, I live on "Fart Street"' will always have a special place in my twisted heart
  • bacon is magic - see what happens when another woman, this one not the author of a really famous memoir that became a movie starring Julie Roberts, leaves her job, her boyfriend and her country to travel the world
  • I Eat My Pigeon - as if the title alone wasn't enough, the rest of the blog is also pretty funny
So there you have it, my five Kevin Spacey lint hugs. Thanks Wiffy. Thanks mysterious person who invented the Liebster award. Thanks to the five bloggers above for their contributions to my ongoing experiment in online procrastination.



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  1. hi there, thanks so much for the nomination! what a wonderful surprise for my thursday.
    : )

  2. I know, right? Who knew Thursdays were the new Oscars?

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  4. A very belated thanks for the nomination - I had been on hiatus and hadn't monitored my comments. I'm glad you enjoy the blog!

  5. Thanks for dropping by Liv. I was happy to have found your blog. I hope you'll keep posting. Good luck on the novel-in-progress.